Hackney Music School
Hackney Music School

Monthly Ensamble Workshop

We offer a Monthly Ensemble Workshop that is fun and engaging.

This workshop allows students to experience some of the most satisfying aspects of making music: playing together in a group, collaborating, supporting each other in a social, positive environment.  Playing in groups is inspiring and encourages students to return to private practice with renewed motivation. Students get a sense of what all those scales and music theory lead to – fun, spontaneous music-making with friends!



A 2.5 hour workshop (with a break) where music students learn new songs by ear.

Pop / Rock / funk / blues and Jazz music

Encourages a collaborative approach – it’s about making music together, listening to the other players and responding, looking around at what everyone is doing

No head buried in sheet music! All workshops are taught by ear, encouraging students to really look and listen at each other.

Offers an introduction to improvisation, jamming together

Ongoing sessions on a monthly basis

Once the song for that workshop is learned, the ‘learning’ underpinning the song is discussed and explained

Introduction to concepts of improvisation, having ‘conversations through music’ (trading music phrases between instruments etc.)

This workshop is best for intermediate students who have already had at least 18 months private music tuition.