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Dolan - Trumpet/Violin/Piano


Dolan Jones is a London based violinist / trumpeter / composer / director / playwright.

His various studies include Musicology, Political Philosophy, Jazz Trumpet, Jazz Violin, Composition; Ottoman, South Balkan and South Indian Classical Music.

As a soloist, improviser, chamber and session musician, Dolan works with various orchestras, jazz ensembles and bands across Europe and the UK. Past collaborations include Amanda Palmer and Jherek Bischoff, The Modern Balkan Jazz Orchestra, The Keith Tippet Big Band. The Mono Dance

Collective, Spindlevine, The Welsh Jazz Composers’ Orchestra, The AmBeCo Jazz Orchestra, The Insomnio Ensemble, International Gaudeamus Muziekweek. In 2013 I was invited to Australia to play at the Castlemaine State Festival, Melbourne State Festival, The National Jazz and Folk Festival and Adelaide’s renowned world music festival WOMADelaide.

As well as teaching trumpet, violin and piano privately to adults and children and to community groups, Dolan also gives special workshops on Klezmer Violin techniques and South Indian Classical music. Dolan is a passionate and committed teacher and takes great pride to see a student grow from nervous self-consciousness, through stumbling experimentation and discovery, towards overcoming challenges and growing in self-belief in order to find great reward in the concerted effort of musical endeavour.

For the last ten years his band Payazen has toured extensively in Europe. This band combines traditional Jewish repertoire with the rhythmic complexity of South Indian music, the infectious groove and drive of 60s funk and psychedelia and the collective improvisation of jazz.

Dolan’s Jazz Manouche ensemble ‘The Bad Bohemians’ is a regular fixture on the European Gypsy Jazz scene. Notable performances in the last 12 months include March Manouche Festival on Angelsea and the Spirit of Django Festival In Antwerpen. 

In 2017 Dolan was commissioned along with Alya al Sultani to compose a one act opera for the Ahbab Arabic Music Festival in Cambridge. Dolan directed the rehearsals and premier at the festival in February 2016. “Two Sisters’ performed by Alya al Sultani and Alice Zawadzki was only the third opera written and performed in Arabic.

In 2014 Dolan was commissioned along with Sam Morris to write an original piece of historical storytelling theatre for the by the Amsterdam International Storytelling Festival. ‘Oranges an Olive Pits’ played several more times to sell-out theatres around the Netherlands including at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival in 2015.

In 2013 Dolan composed and performed the music for the Storytelling piece ‘Speechless’ also a commission for the Amsterdam International Storytelling Festival. 

Also in 2013 Dolan was invited to compose for the Contemporary Music through Non-Western Techniques Research Symposium. This came on the back of seven years of study into South-Indian Classical Music including research trips to Bangalore and Chennai (Madras).


"Dolan is an experienced, professional and encouraging tutor. He works extremely well with our two children (teaching them cornet and violin respectively), who very much enjoyed playing with Dolan since their first session – and look forward to their next one! Dolan has a very child-centred approach and his style is engaging and supportive; he has a natural ability to listen and tune with a student and bring the best out of each lesson. Dolan is also very versatile and adjusts effortlessly to our children’s musical abilities and aspirations.

"We are very happy with Dolan’s tutoring - and look forward to our youngest son also starting music lessons with Dolan in the future! We would highly recommend him to other parents."

"He is very competent and very friendly and put our son at easy straight away.

He is a great listener too, taking on board what our son music preference.

He is also very reliable and on time!

We could not recommend him more highly."

"Dolan is an excellent teacher, he is friendly and patient and has a flexible and versatile teaching method."

"He has a genuine passion for violin and often shares useful tips and insights, along with great videos and songs to improve your technique. Absolutely recommended!"